The Benefits of Using the NEST Thermostat

Video courtesy of Bloomberg Technology’s Gadgets with Gurman.

Our expectations when it comes to energy consumption are changing, we are becoming far more concerned with how much we use, the efficiency of our heating patterns and the money we could save and this means we are also changing the way we view thermostats.

Devices like The Nest Learning Thermostat claims to offer us the chance to manage our energy consumption and our finances in a way that is effective and convenient thanks to the device’s ability to learn and the great technological features.

In this article, I will show you the modern features of Nest thermostat to help you determine whether this is the right product for your home by examining the potential pros and cons, as well as the nest thermostat specs.  A lot of air condition places near me offer the NEST included with many new installs or as part of a bundle with an efficiency program.

The Nest Learning Thermostat offers intelligent design

Let’s begin looking more closely at the key selling point of this product – the ability to “learn”. The unique idea behind this intelligent thermostat is that is has software included that will automatically adapt to your patterns and register certain changes in the environment.

For example, “Auto Away” will sense when you have left the premises and change the settings accordingly to save energy while “Airwave” offers a more efficient form of air conditioning.

An additional program provided by this model is “The Leaf” which is designed to signal the most energy efficient temperatures to use. This is not just a device that helps save money; its developers also have an environmental conscience – something that is clear from the recyclable packaging and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

This technology means no more manual programming after the initial installation

One of the most off-putting factors of using a regular thermostat is the time spent programming the system manually to update it any time there is a change in the season or your daily habits alter – it can be time consuming and occasionally worthless. With this Nest product you no longer have to waste time pushing buttons because the automatic programming learns your patterns and creates its own schedule accordingly.  This could potentially help cut down on repair costs as a systems which runs less will break down less often.  This not only saves you money in the long run, but we all need to do our part and help trim down unneeded emissions.

In theory, all you will need to do is spend approximately 30 minutes on the installation – a manufacturer claim that is true if user reviews are to be believed – and you will never need to touch it again, especially if you take advantage of the next feature to be discussed.  Hopefully this means less headaches for you.

The use of a mobile application offers convenience and efficient energy management

The last benefit to be mentioned is one that is almost universally praised by consumers of this product. Mobile technology is undoubtedly a current trend and the creators of this thermostat have capitalized upon this by allowing their customers to use their phone or laptop as a remote for the thermostat.

Not only does this provide additional convenience for using and controlling the device via a secure wireless connection, it also gives you access to monthly email reports about your energy usage which ultimately allows you to understand your habits and develop a more efficient, money-saving system.

The potential disadvantages that could be experienced by purchasing Nest thermostat and other modern brands

No objective, reliable Nest thermostat would be complete without spending a little time discussing the potential flaws in the product. The problem with choosing a product that is so reliant on technology is that while there are many great perks, there are almost always setbacks and limitations.

Two key examples of this are “The Leaf”, which is great in theory but seemingly unreliable based on the feedback of consumers, and the auto programming because its ability to “learn” does not express as much intelligence as some users would like.

In addition to this, some customers have expressed concerns that the software updates wipes out the programs that the device has just learned.  However, after testing and having used the product this is something that is very minor and most homeowners will never know as the NEST is constantly being improved on.

Should you upgrade to the Nest thermostat?

With all the features and software provided it comes close to providing everything it aims to achieve and to being the efficient device we are looking for, the problem is that it currently does not quite deliver on every promise and falls short on some of the more technical aspects. For some people, the nest thermostat price may be a little too high for their liking.

Perhaps with some development, especially when it comes to the software updates and the ability to “learn”, the Nest Learning Thermostat could be the revolutionary product that it sets out to be but it is still an impressive device that can greatly benefit your home.

As you can see from this nest thermostat example, high-tech thermostats deliver a lot and clearly sells itself as a modern thermostat for the energy-conscious, environmentally-friendly, technologically-minded generation.  If your in the Bryan/ College Station of Houston area EcoZapp A/C Efficiency should be able to help you out with installing a NEST thermostat.  If your out of this service area call your local trusted ac repair service and they should have no trouble getting your hooked up and ready to go.