Air Conditions for Houston and Surrounding Areas-

Air Conditioning in Houston, TX

In warmer, downright hotter, climates, nothing is more important than air conditioning.  When temperatures soar into the high-90’s plus, air conditioning becomes a necessity instead of a luxury.  Air conditioning in Houston, TX is no exception to this rule.

The Necessity of Air Conditioning in Houston, TX

For residents of Houston, TX, no one has to tell you how important air conditioning is to survive the hot summer months.  Especially at home or for a long day at the office, when the air conditioning isn’t running efficiently or breaks down completely, it is a miserable and potentially dangerous experience.

While Texas is a beautiful and thriving state, it is beyond hot here, especially in the blistering summer season.  Without air conditioning, it is almost unthinkable to get through even one day.  Besides being uncomfortable, there are very serious concerns such as heat stroke and ozone effects that make it impossible for folks with health conditions to even think about going outdoors.

The average summer temperature in Houston typically sits in the high 80’s and 90’s.  You can expect at least one week in July and August to top the 99-degree mark.  And the evenings, when temperatures are supposed to cool down, seldom drop below 70 degrees.

With dangerously hot temperatures such as these, there is no question that properly functioning air conditioning becomes a high priority.

Extremely Hot Temperatures and Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in Houston, TX is important not only due to comfort levels, but serious health concerns, too.  And when things heat up, it not only affects people, but the inside of buildings and homes of those without air conditioning is also put in jeopardy.

Using fans to cool things down can’t even touch the job when temps get that hot for so long.

It is imperative to call for service for your A/C units before the hot temps hit.  Keep in mind that this is an extremely busy time for HVAC contractors, so reserve your spot for service early.  It’s also during an intense heatwave that it becomes far more difficult for HVAC contractors to respond quickly.  This is due to extremely heavy demand in trying to keep up with all the customers needing service and repair of broken down A/C units.

It is extremely important to not only maintain a cool, comfortable and stable building temperature, but also to control extreme and damaging humidity, moisture and mold.

To effectively keep a stable climate-controlled environment in Houston, TX, maintenance of A/C units becomes especially important.  Keeping the unit running efficiently, safely and to prevent costly breakdowns and expensive service calls requires more frequent inspections and maintenance.

Regular Maintenance of Air Conditioning in Houston, TX

Much like a car driven more frequently requires a more aggressive maintenance plan to keep up with oil changes and tune-ups to run properly, an air conditioner that runs harder and more frequently also requires more attention to maintenance and service for prevention of major, costly issues.

Call your HVAC contractor well in advance of those hot summer months to guarantee your air conditioning in Houston, TX is functioning at an energy efficient and peak capacity level.

Key Takeaways

  • Air conditioning in hot climates require extra care, attention and more frequent maintenance.

  • Call your HVAC contractor to schedule a service call prior to the start of the cooling season and well in advance of hot summer months.

  • Properly functioning A/C units prevent damage to homes and commercial buildings caused by extremely hot temperatures, in addition to preventing serious health risks.

  • Keeping an A/C unit running efficiently and functioning properly prevents expensive service calls and repairs.

  • The more frequently an air conditioning unit runs, the more frequently it should be checked and maintained.

The last thing you want is to deal with is dangerously hot temperatures without a well-functioning A/C unit.  Don’t wait until there is a complete breakdown before scheduling regular service and maintenance of your air conditioning unit.

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