Getting Your A/C Service Before Summer months

The temperatures in Texas are already starting to touch the nineties and many people have already fired up their air conditioner to escape from the warm temperatures. Many homeowners haven’t used their air conditioning unit in months, and that likely means the system is in need of a little TLC to ensure it runs efficiently this spring and summer. Ignoring AC maintenance now could leave you without air conditioning during the hot, humid weather of the summer. Struggling with the unbearable heat is no fun, so getting your AC serviced before the Texas summer weather arrives is essential.

At EcoZapp College Station, our HVAC technicians know all about the importance of getting an air conditioning unit serviced before diving into heavy usage. As the temperatures in Texas begin to rise, we thought we would share some essential reasons to get AC maintenance before using it on a daily basis to stay cool and comfortable. Check them out!

Reason #1: Your AC Will Last Longer

To put it in the simplest of terms, air conditioners that receive regular annual AC maintenance will last longer than units that do not. Generally, most homeowners will have their unit serviced around this time — before they start using the system excessively to beat the heat. When a professional AC technician inspects the unit and its parts, they will not wear as quickly and will last longer. Think of AC maintenance like changing oil in a car. Ignoring oil changes will only lead to bad news for your vehicle. However, getting regular oil changes will increase the car’s overall lifespan. The same rules apply to air conditioners: skipping regular ac maintenance will only lead to breakdowns and other issues, but getting regular HVAC maintenance will help increase the AC unit’s lifespan. If you want your air to stay cool no matter how hot or humid it is outside, it is best to have it checked out before the scorching temperatures arrive. Plus, by getting regular maintenance, you’ll be more likely to catch any issues with your unit before they develop into a more serious and costly issue.

Reason #2: Your Cooling Bills Will Be Lower

When an air conditioning system is filthy, it will not necessarily run harder, but it will run longer. When filters and other parts of an air conditioner are dirty, it takes more energy from the system to keep your home cool. The good news is that air conditioners that receive regular AC maintenance can help cut down an energy bill by up to 15 percent each month. A thorough cleaning of an air conditioner unit’s motor, coil, and other components will save the unit from having to work harder than it needs to, therefore saving you some money on your energy bills.

Reason #3: You’ll Have A Cleaner Living Environment

Another important reason to have your air conditioner serviced before heavy usage is that it will improve the air quality in your home for you and your family. When filters and other components of an air conditioner are filthy, it can affect the quality of air in a home when in use. This can cause health complications, such as allergic reactions or difficulty breathing, making it an uncomfortable environment to be in. In addition, air conditioners need regular cleaning since there is water build up and mold that could be accumulating. By receiving maintenance before the cooling season takes off, you will not only have clean air throughout your home, but you will feel better about being prepared for the summertime when your unit is used the most.

Reason #4: You’ll Avoid The Busy Season

Air conditioners are much more likely to break down in the summer more than any other season. With constant use and needed AC repairs, it's no wonder why units fail from time to time in the sweltering heat of the summer. One of the biggest issues with having an AC unit malfunction in the middle of the summer is that air conditioner repair companies are often busy helping other people with the exact same issues. This could leave you waiting for AC repair, stuck in the hot, humid, and dreadful weather conditions. However, this all can be ignored by having your AC system serviced in a timely manner before the temperatures start to rise. In addition, if you are considering new AC installation, now is the time to do so. This way you can ensure you will have cool air when the summer temperatures arrive and won’t have to wait due to busy air conditioner companies.

Reason #5: Your AC Will Be Ready For The Summer Heat

A well-maintained air conditioning system is no match for the Texas heat. With hot and humid conditions, having a quality working air conditioner is essential. The summer heat can often create harmful conditions for many people, and one thing is for sure, you do not want to be without working air. Instead of waiting for emergency AC repair when your unit breaks down in the prime of summer, take the time out of your schedule now to have your air conditioner serviced. Getting scheduled AC maintenance now will ensure your system is prepared for the upcoming sweltering conditions and it will reduce the likeliness of it breaking down or needing repairs in the dead of the summer.

Receiving professional air conditioner maintenance now will help get your system into the best possible shape before the high summer temperatures begin to roll in. While getting air conditioning maintenance may seem time-consuming and overwhelming now, you’ll save more time, money, and stress by getting it done before the summer starts. You’ll avoid potential malfunctions and breakdowns, keep your electric bill lower, and even create a safer living environment by having your system inspected sooner rather than later. The best way to beat the summer heat of Texas is to schedule air conditioner maintenance with a local AC repair company.

Schedule AC Maintenance In College Station

If you want air conditioner maintenance in College Station before the sweltering summer conditions arrive, contact the professionals at EcoZapp A/C Efficiency! Our HVAC service specializes in a/c repair, maintenance, and installation. We know the necessary tune-ups and repairs needed to get your system ready for the summertime. Contact the EcoZapp technicians to schedule an air conditioning tune up and they will:

  • Clean the air conditioning system.

  • Check for the correct levels of ac refrigerant.

  • Inspect for refrigerant leaks.

  • Measure the amount of airflow through the evaporator coil.

  • Check the belts for tightness and wear.

  • Inspect electric terminals, clean and tighten connections and apply a non-conductive coating, if needed.

  • Check the accuracy of the thermostat.

  • Inspect for duct leakage and seal, if needed.

  • Repair or replace any worn or broken components.

  • And much more!

Get your air conditioner serviced before it's too late!  Contact EcoZapp today to request a free consultation.

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