How Far an A/C Could Travel to get to Houston or College Station

Send me your Location: Lennox, Trane and Goodman Manufacturing 

EcoZapp is not satisfied with the status quo. EcoZapp is a company that prides itself on its ability to adapt to an ever-changing market place and customer demand. In a world full of technological advancements and improvements in safety, it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve by continually evolving best practices beyond what are simply industry standard. Through technological advancements and a persistent quest to outdo itself, the company provides customers with high-efficiency equipment and services. EcoZapp gets it! Although the products are outstanding, for peace of mind, EcoZapp offers the best warranties and best financing options. This is not about improving the company’s bottom line, it is about the care that the company feels for its loyal customer base. EcoZapp is in tune with the news and the changing world. The company feels it is important to reduce consumer’s carbon footprints all the while reducing consumer’s utility bills; remember that HVAC accounts for roughly 50% of household energy consumption. All of the wonderful things above are in addition to the fast, friendly, reliable, and efficient delivery of products and services. Oh, and was AFFORDABLE mentioned? If you recall, at the wholesale level, shipping costs are baked into the wholesale price. The retailer often times must pass a portion of that cost through to the customer in order to remain afloat. EcoZapp is able to keep costs down by being a Goodman Certified Distributor. Well, why not Lennox,  or Trane? Let’s take a journey…

Lennox is a strong reputable company with a knack for innovation. That is fantastic, but does it save EcoZapp’s customer’s money? No! Lennox has manufacturing locations in Texas, Iowa, and Arkansas. While Lennox Industries Division Facilities may be located in Richardson, Texas, it takes a little further investigating to realize a piece of why EcoZapp is able to keep costs down by partnering with Goodman. Lennox’s North American Parts Center is located in Des Moines Iowa. At the Des Moines, Iowa location, lies the majority of their parts for inventory. Now, all of their residential heating and cooling products are located in Marshalltown, Iowa. This includes gas furnaces, split-system condensing units, and split system heat pumps. If EcoZapp were to get its equipment from Marshalltown, Iowa, EcoZapp would be looking at a distance of 1,942 miles round trip. Using an estimated $2.991 per gallon for Diesel fuel at an upper-end average of 8 miles per gallon equates to one trip costing $726.07. That does not make the supply chain relationship between EcoZapp and Lennox favorable for EcoZapp’s customers.


Trane offers a variety of products and is a top-tier company as it relates to its powerful distribution network. Trane is an international company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Trane has 29 manufacturing locations in Brazil, China, Egypt, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States. While the bulk of Trane’s manufacturing is done outside the state of Texas, there is a location in East Texas. Again, using the same methodologies above, a round trip would be $113.66 in fuel alone. Remember, these costs do not include labor. While Trane is a well-known and high earning company, it does not fit with the ideals of EcoZapp and does not make fiscal sense to partner with. Fiscal responsibility to EcoZapp’s loyal customer base is a massive part of the equation.

Let’s dive into the fuel dollars first. A round trip to Goodman’s location is less than 150 miles. The manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas. The fuel costs, again using the same methodology, associated with the round trip would be $57.20. One can see why partnering with Goodman makes sense for both EcoZapp and for the loyal customers of EcoZapp. The short supply chain means greater savings for customers as well as fewer emissions. It also comes with faster delivery of parts, equipment, and services. On top of the cost savings and excellent customer service, the combination of Goodman and EcoZapp brings thousands of jobs to the area allowing for greater growth and an increased per capita standard of living. Prosperity in the area allows for greater opportunity for current and future residents. It is important to EcoZapp that residents are proud of the community to which they belong. To be noted, Goodman believes in American dependability. Goodman stands behind its units being designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States of America. The 4.2 million square foot Daikin Texas Technology Park allows Goodman to encompass its manufacturing, engineering, logistics, and customer support under one gigantic roof. Finding a local partner with very similar core values has been an absolute dream come true for EcoZapp.

EcoZapp is able to leverage its tight knit relationship with Goodman to pass on cost savings to customers. At EcoZapp, customers are neighbors and friends.