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To experience continuous growth and success in any business, it takes commitment and a forward-thinking attitude.

A successful business focuses on continuously providing better products and services to their customers.  From introducing new, improved products to helping customers save time and money, it can be a challenge.  It is just this type of challenge that drives EcoZapp to meet and exceed customer expectations and experiences.

While we are committed to providing excellent service to our customers, we also seriously consider other important elements such as introducing new products, taking advantage of new technology and keeping our community ties strong.

One of the biggest examples of our dedication to the forward-thinking movement is our exclusive distributorship with Goodman Manufacturing.

By working together with other like-minded dynamic companies like Goodman, our customers continue to receive top notch quality products, service and cost savings.

Behind the Scenes – EcoZapp

EcoZapp was established in answer to a call for a professional company that could provide the community with energy efficient, environmentally-friendly HVAC systems.

Today, we are proud to deliver exceptional products and award-winning professional service to our customers.

The EcoZapp mission statement focuses on the evolvement of the A/C service industry.  Our goal is to continuously look for ways to improve A/C efficiency, protect the environment and offer our customers affordable ways to increase comfortable temperature levels in their homes.

We’ve knocked it out of the park by partnering with another excellent service organization,

Goodman Manufacturing.

As an exclusive distributor of Goodman products and services, customers can be assured they are getting the latest in A/C quality, technology and efficiency.  Goodman not only provides the highest quality in energy-efficient products, they back it up with incredible warranties.

It sends a very clear message to our customers that their investment in Goodman products is backed by up to 10-year warranties.  The message here is confidence in the performance and satisfaction you can expect from Goodman products.  We believe so strongly in the high quality of Goodman products that we offer 10-year warranties on their parts and labor.

EcoZapp guarantees our customers access to some of the best warranties in the industry.  Our warranties provide detailed maintenance plans to ensure your A/C equipment continues to run at a high SEER level for maximum efficiency.

Additionally, our service technicians are courteous, professional and experienced.  They troubleshoot and maintain A/C systems quickly and easily due to the strong local support system in place.

Along with award-winning service, another very high priority to us is customer loyalty, trust and a strong sense of community pride and support.  We are honored to have the privilege of providing jobs to citizens of the community to stimulate our local economy.

EcoZapp continues to explore new developments in technology in the A/C industry.  Our research and introduction of advanced technology in air purifiers is just one of the latest examples of technology in action to benefit our customers.

Behind the Scenes - Goodman Manufacturing

Goodman Manufacturing has planted strong roots right here in and around Houston, Texas.

Building trust, loyalty and a commitment to quality since 1982, Goodman products and service are second to none.  Goodman backs up their commitment to quality by holding several ISO designations, which demonstrates their dedication to meeting and beating industry standards.

The local manufacturing facility in Waller, Texas provides over 4000 jobs right here in our community.

Because Goodman is a local manufacturer, customers save on transport fees, fuel costs, in addition to faster turnaround times for product delivery and installation.  Accessibility to replacement parts and service is also faster and shipping costs are significantly reduced.

The Goodman line of products are designed and manufactured right here in the United States.  They support our military and are also proud to provide employment opportunities at each of their plant locations throughout the Houston area.

For example, the Goodman facility located in Hockey produces approximately 10,000 units per day and employs around 3,000 employees in the local area.  Orders received from this facility are handled so efficiently that it’s possible for a same-day delivery.

Goodman Manufacturing has a state-of-the-art 4.2 million square foot manufacturing facility in Waller, where all products are tested, manufactured and distributed.  In fact, all residential systems are made locally at this manufacturing facility

Since Goodman places such a high priority on quality, the manufacturing facility has been granted both ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 designations.  These designations are awarded for meeting quality standards in manufacturing/management processes, and international environment standards.

Goodman is extremely dedicated to continuous improvement.  They have invested over $100 million in new manufacturing equipment.

Goodman proudly offers the latest technology in A/C coils, which provide an additional level of energy efficiency and comfort to their customers.  This technology rounds out their lines of superior ventilation, air purifiers and filtration systems to keep your home comfortable and provide better air quality.

Yes, Goodman products are just that good.

And there’s more.  Goodman offers competitive and affordable pricing on their products and services, in addition to exclusive warranties.  It’s clear that you can trust and rely on Goodman to deliver only the best products and services to customers.

The exclusive warranties offered from Goodman are simply some of the best in the industry.  For even more options, Goodman also offers extended service plans for up to a 10-year warranty covering replacement parts and service calls.

EcoZapp and Goodman Manufacturing - Keeping the Local Economy Strong

By EcoZapp working directly with Goodman Manufacturing, more dollars are staying right here in our community, which stimulates and offers growth potential for the local economy.  Growth in the form of much-needed employment opportunities.

Because Goodman is a local company, it shortens up the supply chain, saving on fuel costs for transportation of the A/C system from the beginning raw material stage to the finished installation of an A/C system in your home.

Today, it’s almost unheard of that a local business receives most of their equipment and product from a local manufacturer.  Therefore, the snapshot of EcoZapp’s supply chain is one of extreme efficiency.  EcoZapp obtains most of their equipment from the Goodman locations between College Station and Houston.  This saves an incredible amount of time, fuel (carbon emissions) and shipping costs.  The benefit of those savings is passed along to our customers.

The cost of a new HVAC system ranges between $6000-$15,000.  With EcoZapp and Goodman working together through the purchasing, manufacturing and installation processes, all in less than a 100-mile radius, our community reaps the tax, growth and employment benefits.

All Goodman products are made right here in America.  All units are designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

The Evolvement of the A/C Industry

EcoZapp believes in evolvement.  That is the reason for our strong commitment to continuous research and keeping on top of industry trends and technology.  This includes streamlining systems, processes and improving overall efficiency.

From a cost standpoint, did you know that your A/C system consumes almost 50% of your energy bill?

At EcoZapp, we understand this and are looking to get a handle on it by:

  • Visiting and re-visiting current practices/policies/procedures and improving them

  • Providing only high efficiency equipment and services

  • Offering cost savings and exclusive warranties

  • Offering financing plans so all customers can afford a comfortable home

  • Quickly and professionally responding to service and maintenance calls

  • Focusing on and prioritizing efficiency

  • Putting the customer – not the industry – first

  • Focusing on reducing waste, saving energy (fuel, emissions, costs) and lowering energy bills

The A/C industry cannot afford to become stagnant.  It’s an ever-changing industry where energy, environment and affordability in processes and service need to keep up with the times.

EcoZapp is always looking for ways to do better.  More hassle-free service.  More energy efficiency.  More comfort for customers.  Better warranties.  Better service.  Less expense.

EcoZapp and Goodman Manufacturing – Benefits to our Customers

It’s no surprise that hundreds of satisfied customers choose Goodman products.  These products truly represent a high-quality industry standard.

To re-cap some of Goodman Manufacturing benefits, here’s what you can expect:

  • Strong local roots

  • Providing local employment

  • Investment in research and technology for product and service improvement

  • Extensive product testing

  • Exceptional quality and service

  • Affordable systems

  • Incredible warranties

  • Meeting and exceeding industry standards

When it’s time to replace your A/C unit, you need to be sure you’re making the best investment because honestly, it is a costly one.

Here’s what you need and can depend on EcoZapp to provide for you:

  • You need your questions answered and to understand which products will work best for you

  • You need to work with industry professionals who really know the business

  • You need the installation of some of the best A/C equipment in the industry

  • You need to be able to afford the new unit

  • You need to get service quickly and efficiently

  • You need courteous, experienced service professionals to install and service your equipment properly

  • You need your A/C system to run as energy efficiently as possible to conserve energy and run at optimal SEER ratings

  • You need your A/C equipment to last for years

If there was ever a winning partnership, this is one you can count on.  It simply doesn’t get any more “set and forget” than it is with EcoZapp and Goodman Manufacturing.

It’s a decision you can feel good about for so many important reasons:

  • Energy efficient

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Affordable cost of long-term investment

  • Access to great financing and warranty options

  • Exceptional quality and service

  • Purchase American-made products

  • Support local business

  • Stimulate local economy and support additional growth/job opportunities

In the HVAC industry, approximately 68% of consumers don’t know a lot about any specific brand.

EcoZapp is here to help you really get to know Goodman Manufacturing and their superior products and services.

Support your community and stimulate the local economy – our economy – by taking advantage of the many benefits offered directly to you from the partnership of EcoZapp and Goodman Manufacturing.