Reme Halo Whole Home Air Purifiers - Installed with Allergies in Focus

Reme Halo to the rescue of allergies in Houston, Texas 

Most people do not react to substances like pollen, pet dander, insect stings, food, drugs and mold. If you do, then you have an allergy to one or all these substances. It is because your immune system reacts violently to that substance as it identifies the foreign substance as harmful and produces antibodies to fight it although the substance is not really harmful.

The allergic reaction can cause severe inflammation of your eyes, nose, skin, airways, lungs and even your digestive system. The severity of the allergic reaction can vary from one person to another. Some may complain of a runny nose or red eyes but some may have an anaphylactic reaction which can be life-threatening.

The initial exposure to a foreign substance triggers your immune system to mistake a usually harmless substance as a very harmful. So, the immune system produces antibodies to fight the invader. These antibodies are continuously on alert like soldiers looking out for the specific allergen. If you become exposed to the allergen again then these antibodies release chemicals like histamine which cause all the symptoms of allergies.

Seasonal allergies due to pollen and mold have caused severe problems and affected the health of Texans every year. Other allergens like pet dander (hair) and cigarette/ cigar smoke are indoor triggers which cause allergies all year round. Following Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the allergies related to mold are likely to become worse for the next few years, according to Dr. Corry, Professor and Chief of the section of Immunology, Allergy and Rheumatology at the Baylor College of Medicine. And the bad news is that the allergies are likely to last for decades per Dr. Corry.

Hurricane Harvey caused flooding for weeks. This brought water and humidity into the homes along with floating debris, and trash which was a fertile ground for breeding mold, weeds and plants foreign to this area. Although many of these allergens are outdoor allergens, they entered the homes with the flood water, and are now living within the walls and carpets of the flooded homes.

According to Dr. Corry, there is lot of wet housing material lying around waiting to be picked up. This debris can be a breeding ground for mold. Plants are another cause of allergies as they are not being properly maintained, he said. Dr. Corry also elaborated that excess water is causing all kinds of plants to grow out of control. This will lead to a lot of weeds pollenating when they normally would not be doing so. With the disruption of people’s lives by the flooding, regular housekeeping has taken a back seat, adding to the increase in dust mites and animal dander.

One of the of the worst allergens is mold which lives and thrives in damp, dark and drafty areas. Hurricane Harvey has provided perfect conditions for mold to flourish by soaking everything, from places between walls, crawlspaces and dark, drafty places in homes and buildings. Mold, when present in homes and office buildings releases spores which are carried via the air-conditioning and air ducts. As we breathe air, these spores enter our airways, trigger our immune system and cause irritation leading to sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, difficulty breathing, wheezing and even asthma. Add to this pet dander and cigarette smoke. It is a combination causing major health problems, especially in Houston and neighboring areas like Brazos valley.  Unfortunately, allergies cannot be cured. But they can be prevented. There are many solutions to improve the air that we breathe in our homes and offices.

EcoZapp Efficiency is a full-service heating and air conditioning company that offers solutions to improve indoor air quality and improve your health. Their award winning REME HALO® in-duct air purifier is the next generation of indoor air quality (IAQ) technology. It is installed within the ducts of your air-conditioning system and is capable of purifying every cubic inch of air reaching it. It uses hydroperoxides, oxidation and ionization to destroy particulates such as dust, air borne pollen, bacteria, viruses, fungi and animal dander. Hydroperoxides bond the particulates which then are held back by the filters making the filters very efficient. The REME HALO® in-duct air purifier is also designed to eliminate the risk of sick building syndrome by reducing odors and air pollutants. It is the best solution for entire homes and building air purification. It was invented to recreate nature’s process of purifying the air and helps to bring fresh outdoor air inside the home and office without your ever having to open the windows. And, best of all it’s effective against all categories of indoor

air pollutants like particulates, bacteria, viruses, fungi and gases. With the REME HALO® in-duct air purifier you can reduce allergy triggers like mold spores, pollen, pet dander and smoke from cigarettes. It also helps to get rid of cooking, dirty socks’, diaper and musty room odors.  The REME HALO® in-duct air purifier has been thoroughly-tested to safely remove the risk of airborne and surface bacteria, mold spores, and viruses such as MRSA, E-Coli, and Norwalk. And it is filter-free! So, you don’t have to worry about remembering to change filters or perform regular maintenance. Once the REME HALO® in-duct air purifier is installed, you can start to enjoy cleaner & healthier air automatically 24/7.

EcoZapp Efficiency also offers other products like Media Filters and UV coil sanitizers which also help to greatly reduce allergies due to airborne mold and also germs and odors. Media filters are an efficient, easy, and affordable way to remove a high percentage of airborne pollutants in the home. They collect both small and large particles as the air cycles through, stopping dust, bacteria, dander, pollen, and other pollutants in their tracks. The UV coil sanitizers use an ultraviolet light to control mold and bacteria while, simultaneously reducing smells and odors in the HVAC systems, keeping the ductwork cleaner and making the heating and cooling systems more efficient. Together, all these products from EcoZapp Efficiency help to improve the air quality in your home and office and keep you healthy.

Halo Reme Air Purifier

Halo Reme Air Purifier