Questions to Ask Before Replacing any A/C or Heating Systems in College Station -2019
  1. Is the Contractor looking at just the Unit by itself or as a Whole HVAC System?

When homeowners in College Station are searching for a great HVAC contractor who understands the building in the local area as well as the nuisances air conditioning systems have depending on the individuals house. SEER Ratings, Make, Builder, Permits Required at the time etc.. are all important factors in which go into the Installation Process and overall ling term efficiency and performance of the central air systems. An air conditioning unit is only one component of several taking place in the attic which heat and cool your home. Air Ducts, Quality of Filters and ROI from Installs after Rebates all factor in important decisions homeowner face. Most people are worried mostly about the cost on new systems and it becomes easy to compare based on price alone. How well the Air ducts are ran determines your comfort level just as much as SEER rating effects your wallet.

2. Questions towards Heat Loads, Sizing of the Systems , SEER Ratings of Systems, Brands of Systems -

HVAC Manufactures and Install Companies who focus on replacing obsolete R-22 air conditioners with newer and Higher Efficiency equipment has paved the way of advances which need to be accounted for:

  • 14 Seer min Standards don’t earn Rebates nor offer the most Benefit on long term Energy Bills

  • Sizing of Systems must match installation of new Air Ducts which effect the Comfort level not just the heat load.

  • Old Air Ducts make for not the cleanest air- Replacing just the system doesn’t always give the most value.

  • Having Multiple HVAC Equipment Brands & easy Supply Chains for the HVAC contractor to choose from helps the Homeowner and turnaround times.

  • Most Important day for any central air or heating systems is the installation day- But how about Support for the next 10 years? Both Online and over the phone EcoZapp has been servicing Bryan and College Station since 2012 and strives for same day home services. Communication is important with dealing with any home services or home contractors.

3. Is the Contractor Licensed & Insured + Have Sound Relationships with the Equipment Manufactures?

  • Check for Licenses & Insurance

  • If a warranty is needed for either 10 year Service or 10 year Labor warranties - Within 1 day to 10 years after the install.. What Is the Companies Warranty Process for the Homeowner if ever needed?

  • Are warranties purchased through 3rd parties or w/ the installation company? 3rd party warranties cost more and are not limited to the company who provided the warranty.

  • Timing of how fast turnaround time is often more important during peak season installs and replacements than slower months when attics are more favorable for install crews..

4. Is the A/C Company going to help me with any possible Energy Efficiency Rebates?

Right now many College Station homeowners can take advantage of up to $800 in Rebates from College Station Utilities for replacing an old central air conditioning or heating system with a new & 18+ SEER Rated.

Comfortmaker 18 SEER Inverter A/C and Heat Pump College Station, Texas
  • up to $500 for 15 SEER Rated Coil+ Condenser required

  • up to $600 to 16 SEER Rated Coil + Condenser required

  • up to $700 to 17 SEER Rated Coil + Condenser required

  • up to $800 for 18 SEER Rated- Inverters are a popular choice when replacing older systems with the max rebates and highest efficiency.

  • For all requirements please contact to City of College Station or EcoZapp at 833-924-6100

5. Are they including a Media Filter and a Reme Halo or similar Air Purification or Air Filter combo ?

  • Media Filters are often marked up in excess of $600+ to install in existing Equipment, however if Homeowners replace with certain companies, items such as this can often be installed for under $150 with the 1st 6-month Filter Included.

  • Install Media Filters - Media Filters can be changed during the 6 months Long Term Maintenance (not every month), and provide Improved Air and Help with Efficiency of the System.

  • Reme Halo- Air Purification for up to 5 years for your entire home. Odors, Smoke Smells and Germs are go away can get left with a clean feeling home. Element Air Purifiers also made by RGF are now available in certain service locations.

  • Allergies are bad in the Brazos Valley- Reme Halo + Media Filters catch Allergens & Kill Mold Spores

Not every company installs these type of beneficial combos during installion of a replacement air conditioning systems. Although not required by many cities in Texas yet, Air filtration is becomes in necessary part of the new image of the heating and air conditioning common practice. Timing is important when homeowners deal with HVAC contractors as savings can usually be found by saving them time. Since Installation Days are usually Half Day or Full Day Events adding upgrading and extra benefits is usually less expensive and and most often be tied in with Financing Options which are spread out already.

If the thick 5 inch media filters are installed, this could in some homes eliminate the need for replacement of other 1 inch filters every 1 to 2 months. However always ensure by calling a professional and getting expert advice on how many filters and where they need to be. Newer home construction has shifted to providing more than one return air filter. Having too many filters can hinder air flow on a newer systems causing the system to work harder to circulate the proper amount of air. This is why consideration of the entire HVAC system and not just the replacement of a condenser and coils in needed to optimize both efficiency and long term comfort.

6. How well does the installation company handle Follow-up Paperwork for Rebates & Warranties ?

  • Companies with a good office Staff make the paperwork process easy for the homeowner- Procrastination can cause INVALID Warranties

  • Some Warranties ‘Must’ be filled by certain date post Installation to be fully valid - Check for these date & for assurance ask the installing company to make sure all warranties are filled within the time lines. EcoZapp’s process include this office work and followup in each of our new system installs when and as available depending on your city’s offerings at the time.

  • Rebates should always go straight to the homeowners - College Station rebate instructions can be found on their site. Many Areas in the Greater Houston Area have rebates available for homeowners which change and can be found via most utility companies.

7. Both Equipment and Install Must meet Certain specs & Requirements to be eligible for many rebates

  • Ensure Installion Manager of company knows all Required Permits

  • Ensure HVAC contractor is familiar with the city’s inspectors and the inspection Processes.

  • Inspection Process or Verification if often required to valid possible rebates to ensure requirements of the replacement and improvement in energy efficiency in most cases are meet. This is what sparks lower long term monthly energy bills EcoZapp Air Conditioning strives for when replacing heating and cooling systems in the greater Brazos Valley and Houston areas.

Not every company installs this beneficial combo during Installion of a Replacement Air Conditioning system. Timing is important when homeowners deal with HVAC contractors as Saving can usually be found by saving them time. Since Installation Days are usually Half Day or Full Day Events adding upgrading and extra benefits is usually less expensive and and most often be tied in with Financing Options which are spread out already.

In Summary

When Replacing an Air Conditioning System be aware of the extra perks and rebates which may be available. If you’re shopping and comparing bids based on prices alone, the features and long term upgrades may not always be included, but can be included at a discount if timed correctly and incorporated into many financing programs.