EcoZapp's Energy Bill Rebate- Replace Old A/C System’s & Save before Summer

We’re Focused on Lowering A/C Bills & Hassle Free Service

For Homeowners in the Greater Brazos Valley & Houston Region- our Team has expanded and narrowed our focus to help homeowners with Older A/C Systems as phaseouts occur to pave the way for Efficiency & Low Ozone Depleting Systems.

  1. Reduce Energy Bills

  2. Improve Comfort

  3. Improve Indoor Air Quality

  4. Replacements for R-22 systems = Most Systems Older than 7+ Years

  5. Provide EcoZapp with Energy Bills after our Install & Receive up to $800 in Additional Rebates *

Right Now- EcoZapp is adding up to $800 in Energy Bill Rebates to help homeowners get to High Efficiency -Sooner. ( Especially before Summer when Attics which get HOTT)

Installing Efficient A/C System + New Duct Work = Cleaner & More Efficient Homes + Energy Rebates

  • Applies to Homeowners who replace their Old A/C Systems with a New & Efficient.

  • Increasing ROI from upgrades helps homeowners get to high efficiency faster. R-22 = Bad for Ozone & Efficiency = Good for Ozone & Energy Bills

  • EcoZapp’s Energy Bill Rebates- up to additional $800/System- While Attics are still Chilly , Incentives last until Allotment is Gone*

  • Our Goals include Reducing Energy Usage on the Grid & Data Helps Enable Future Incentives & Rebates- to continue after allotment runs out.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 4.23.53 PM.png

* Introduction and Purpose. EcoZapp A/C Efficiency {“EcoZapp”) is offering to match the highest energy rebate currently being offered in its sales area for the purchase of a new, energy efficient HVAC system, subject to the terms and conditions herein, up to $800, for two primary reasons. First, we believe that it is fundamentally unfair for one home to be eligible for a significant rebate, when a neighboring home is not, so we have chosen to incentivize improved energy efficiency by offering the same amount to all our customers.  Second, our goal is to accumulate energy consumption data to document and quantify energy efficiency savings to manufacturers, consumers, government entities, and energy companies, in order to better promote increased energy efficiency.

  1. Eligibility for Rebate Match. EcoZapp’s Energy Rebate Match Program is restricted to legal residents who are at least 18 years old and own the pertinent residence (the “Homeowner”). In order to be eligible to receive EcoZapp’s Energy Rebate Match (“Rebate Match”) payment, the Homeowner must do all of the following:

    1. Replace an existing Residential Split HVAC System with new 15, 16, 17, or 18+ SEER Rated HVAC System purchased from, and installed by, EcoZapp before April 30, 2019. 

    2. Replace HVAC ductwork which is deemed insufficient by EcoZapp’s trained personnel due to design, age, damage, corrosion, contaminants, or code violations, upon the installation of the new HVAC system by EcoZapp. If the ductwork is not functioning properly, then the HVAC unit will not function at its optimum level.

    3. Sign, date, and return to EcoZapp a copy of these Terms and Conditions before any HVAC installation work is performed by EcoZapp.

    4. Within 90 days after the expiration of one year from the date these Terms and Condition are signed, provide to EcoZapp, as described herein, 12 months of energy bills for the pertinent residence for the 12 months immediately prior to the installation of the new HVAC unit by EcoZapp, plus 12 months of energy bills for the pertinent residence for the 12 months immediately after the installation of the new HVAC unit by EcoZapp. In order to make the record-keeping process easier for the Homeowner and EcoZapp, the 24 months of energy bills must be provided during the 90 day period after the expiration of one year from the date these Terms and Conditions are signed.

    5. Provide written notice to EcoZapp, as provided herein, of the Homeowner’s compliance with all the terms and conditions and requesting the Rebate Match payment (“Notice of Compliance”).

  2. Rebate Match Payments. Only one payment will be made per new HVAC unit installed by EcoZapp. 

    1. The amount of the Rebate Match payment depends on the efficiency rating listed for the HVAC unit installed:

      1. $500.00 for 15 SEER units

      2. $600.00 for 16 SEER units

      3. $700.00 for 17 SEER units

      4. $800.00 for 18+ SEER units

    2. Payments will be made by check, sent to the address of record, to the eligible Homeowner, within 30 days of the Homeowner’s compliance with all the EcoZapp Rebate Match Terms and Conditions. No payment will be made if the Homeowner does not fully comply with all the terms and conditions as specified herein.

  3. Notices to EcoZapp. Homeowner is responsible for ensuring that any required documents or notices are timely provided to EcoZapp. Any documents, including energy bills and Notice of Compliance, required to be sent to EcoZapp as part of the Rebate Match program, must be timely sent in either of the following manners:  

    1. By facsimile transmission (FAX) to (979) 596-0242

    2. By Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, to:

EcoZapp A/C Efficiency

3600 State Hwy 6 S, Suite 109B

College Station, TX 77845

  1. Use of Rebate Match Information. All information provided by the Homeowner, except for any credit card, banking information, as part of the Rebate Match Program becomes the property of EcoZapp, which reserves the right to use any and all such information, for energy calculations, reports and analysis, editorial, marketing and any other purpose, unless prohibited by law.

  2. Additional Rebates. The Homeowner may be entitled to additional rebates from municipal, state, or federal governments, or from energy companies. EcoZapp is not responsible for assisting Homeowner with obtaining any such rebates or for making any payments related thereto.

  3. No Guarantee of Savings. Because so many elements which impact energy efficiency are outside the control of EcoZapp, EcoZapp does not guarantee improved energy efficiency or energy savings to the Homeowner.