Changing Copper Coil for New Aluminum Coil Residential Air Conditioning, Texas Summer ( 2019)

Changing corroded Copper Coil at a residential customer’s home for a New Aluminum Coil - Residential Air Conditioning by EcoZapp’s Inhome Install Teams.

EcoZapp's InHome Team Changing out a leaky Copper Coil for a Newer more Efficient Aluminum Coil being replaced at the beginning of a Texas Summer for a Residential homeowner. Copper Coils can become leaky after corrosion over the years. 🙋‍♂️🔎

Changing Air Filters properly and UV lights can help prevent some of this corrosion from occurring, along with routine cleaning of course. Reme Halo’s which often look similar to UV lights, aren’t able to help in the same methods as the UV lights. UV lights put off UV rays and Reme Halos do not work in the same method and are usually installed past the copper coils, and in the Air Duct system. Both are great ideas to include along with media filters to ensure cleaner indoor air quality.

Older A/C Systems tend to leak for several reasons. As you can see in the video over the years Copper like any other metal needs proper maintenance to prevent earlier failure than necessary.

Due to the age of most of the residential air conditioning systems we encounter containing R-22 , we see this issue frequently and repairing can become counter productive than efficiently replacing. R-22 which is being phased out, becomes illegal to import and produce inside the United States, and Jan. 1 2020 is an important date which will likely keep raising the cost of owning older air conditioning units containing the Refringent).

Dillion with EcoZapp’s InHome Install Team changing a corroded Copper Coil