Indoor Air Quality Secrets


The Ultimate Guide for extending the life of your A/C System

Keep your family safe and comfortable - learn more 👇

🍃Changing Air Filters can help determine:

  1. Your quality of Indoor Air in your Home

  2. How well your A/C system runs & the monthly costs to run

  3. How many years your A/C System will last

  4. Allergens inside homes  🍃 

Media Filters which are usually 5 inches thick are a basic add-on when replacing A/C systems with EcoZapp and only need to be changed every ~6 months.  

However if you have a standard 1 inch filter - changing AS NEEDED ( NOT as Advertised) can make all the difference from performance of your system to the amount of Allergens & Dust inside your Home 

Please let us know if you have any questions or could use an improvement on indoor air quality 

(Pro Tip for Landlords: Renters don't always change filters- do it for them & avoid expensive system failures)