How the Flooding in Houston could effect your Home A/C System

IT’s been almost exactly 2 years since we started making videos on & about Home Air Conditioning Systems. This video was made in 2017 after the last major flood in Houston in 2017.

This video takes a look at the long-term effects that floodwaters can have on a home air conditioning system.

In Houston there are a lot of areas that saw more than 3 feet of water in September of 2017 and some again now in September of 2019.

The unit shown is this video is just about 3 feet tall and would have been fully submerged in water, but only needs about one foot to start causing damage.   This video goes over the some of the inspection process professionals go through when servicing Home Air Conditioning units after a Flood & Prior to trying to start back up.  Starting back up a damaged system can cause immediate damage as well as slower long term reductions in operation. Air Quality is another aspect of most home inspections as air purification devices and filters can aid with limiting mold spores.

It’s Important to makes sure to measure if flood waters could have risen and touched anything electrical before trying to restart your Home Air Conditioning systems after a flood.

One Very important note since we’re dealing with an electrical devices and safety is important; We Do Not advise homeowners without training or knowledge of how to safety operate/ repair or inspect equipment which poses a risk and damage, of any sorts.  A service charge which my be discounted after a flood - isn’t worth any risk someone being shocked or injured. Please hire a professional who can be verified as Licensed & Insured. 

So In the video we have a capacitor, what the capacitor does is just provide a little bit of extra juice for the compressor and the fan motor to get started .  You can see there's a lot of terminals there that could rust over time.  This is natural corrosion over time but if the system was submerged it's going to happen much faster.  

The contactor shown provides the high voltage electrical and disperses it so everything can start basically.   It provides the power for the compressor and the fan motor and all the electrical components to get started,  as you can see there's a lot of points here that can get corroded. 

2 Stage Equipment and Heat Pump Air Conditioning Units

If your system is a two-stage system or a Heat Pump system,  you're gonna have a circuit board inside the unit.  When Flooding water reaches circuit they can get wet they're pretty much damaged and need to be replaced. 

Earlier I mentioned the heat pump, the heat pump has a reversing valve right, and basically what it does is reverse the flow of refrigerant so it’s able to keep your home warm in the

winter time instead of cool in the summer.  

Electrical Components inside a Home Air Conditioner after a flood.

A/C system do have electric components as well that can be damaged with water these components are only about ten inches off the ground. This is the main terminals for the compressor and that's all high voltage electrical so we want to make sure that you do not inspect that yourself you want to have a professional come and do it.  You can see this video how a unit can get pretty damaged and dirty, especially when mud will build up in and start reducing the efficiency of your air conditioning system.  So you're going to want to make those parts are inspected as well.   

Indoor Air Quality and Mold Reduction via Reme Halo

A look at the outside unit is important to have it inspected before you fire it up after the recent flood waters.  And Very soon therefore mold concerns often pose a threat.  Which is why we recommenced learning more about the Reme Halo. What the Reme Halo does is turn your whole home air into an air sanitizer, it kills Molds, Bacteria , VOCs  Viruses and Reduces Odors.  There are popular after a floods because you will have a lot of bacteria and mold growth and we want to just make sure that we can take care of that so when you do get back in your home everything is nice and clean and safe for you to breathe. 

If you have any questions at all please feel free to give us a call at the number right down here and we'll talk to you soon!