Will it be 80°F on Christmas Day?

The Big Question is: Will it be 80°F on Christmas Day?

  • If it is 80°F on Christmas Day, Then Up to 100 A/C Replacements & Services from Sept. 6th till End of Promo Period would be Free* ✔️


  • If for some reason it is Not 80°F on Christmas Day... We'll Still draw for ONE Customer who replaced an old A/C System during Promo Period, and Reimburse their New System* 😎


1. Until Promo Ends- All New A/C Systems & Home A/C Services will be eligible for Reimbursement, pending on Christmas Day 2019 the Temperature reaches 80°F *

(All Services Except the re-filling of R-22*)

2. All Services does include- Repairs & Maintenance Plans purchased during Fall Promo, these are also eligible for reimbursement

Did you know that R-22 is ~1,800x more harmful to the Ozone than CO2?   One Pound of R-22 Equals almost ONE TON of Carbon Dioxide * https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/resources/documents/high-gwp-refrigerants

(Learn about the R-22 Phaseout milestone on Jan. 1st 2020 by clicking HERE


Here’s a few ways we’re helping Homeowners with Replacing older A/C Systems & Air Ducts:
1. FinancingWith good credit we can usually find both short & longterm options at low interest rates.  With not so perfect credit, we have 3rd party lenders & find the best solution possible.*(WAC)

2. Greater Selection of New Systems w/ Lower Fall Pricing- We’ve added more options & Brands of Equipment, which we’re now providing & now offering Early Fall Pricing to the homeowners who receive this e-mail.

  • American Standard which is the same as Trane; made in Tyler, Texas


  • Goodman & Amana from Daikin; made in Waller, Texas


  • Comfortmaker same as Carrier - ICP; made in Memphis, TN

🎉      BONUS:     🎉 

3. The Opportunity of Getting Your A/C Services & Equipment for FREE*

* Promo Subject to Terms & Conditions; visit terms & Conditions page on ecozapphvac.com for more details