Anti-SnowFlake Fall Promo - 80°F on DEc 25th = Free A/C Systems & Services*

On September 6th we start our Anti-SnowFlake Fall Promo for the Next 100 A/C Replacement Systems & Services EcoZapp performs. If the Temperature reaches 80°F on Christmas Day 2019 in College Station- we get to Reimburse ALL qualifying purchases*

( We ran a Snowfall promo last year & it failed to Snow.. So we took a large promo policy betting on the opposite 🤞 - Since some weather records have been occurring this Summer )

If on Christmas Day 2019, the Temperature reaches 80°F in College Station, the next 100 Home A/C System Replacements will be FREE*

(Fun Fact: Last time this occurred was in 2016)

  • Service, Repairs & Maintenance Plans purchased during Fall promo are also eligible for reimbursement (Except Re-Filling of R-22 which is Bad for the Ozone, Learn about R-22 Here)

  • EXTRA BONUS: If the Temperature doesn’t reach 80°F on Christmas Day 2019, EcoZapp will draw 1 name from A/C Replacements during Promo & Reimburse the system price - live on Facebook*


If your needing A/C Service or an updated Estimate please call us now & let us know! 

Promo applies for the following Brands in which EcoZapp offers

  • Goodman - Amana- Daikin ( Made in Waller, Texas)

  • Comfortmaker ( Same Factory as Carrier & Made in Memphis, Tennessee)

  • American Standard ( Same Factory as Trane & Made in Tyler, Texas)

A former mayor recently asked us how so many Homeowners are supposed to handle the costs of replacing older Home Air Conditioning Systems dependent on R-22 as the R-22 Phase out occurs.  

( Learn about the R-22 Phaseout milestone on Jan. 1st 2020 HERE) 

Here’s a few ways we’re attempting to help Homeowners:

  1. Financing- With good credit we can usually find both short & longterm options at low interest rates. With not so perfect credit, we have 3rd party lenders & find the best solution possible.*(WAC)

  2. Greater Selection of New Systems w/ Lower Fall Pricing- We’ve added more options & Brands of Equipment, which we’re now providing & now offering Early Fall Pricing to the homeowners.

🎉      BONUS:     🎉 

3. The Opportunity of Getting Your A/C Services & Equipment for FREE with our Anti-SnowFlake Promo*

* Subject to terms & conditions; see terms Here or Call 833-924-6100 to learn more.