Replacement Air Conditioning Systems

We Focus on making the process of replacing an Air Conditioning System as Hassle Free & Efficient as possible for Homeowners.

EcoZapp offers Replacement Systems from 3 Major Brands of Manufactures with financing options * ( Many Replacement systems cost only between ~$95 to $145 per month*)

A Few Ways we help Homeowners:

  1. Easy to Contact our Team - Any Questions- Over the Phone, Ball Park Bids, General Questions- We make communication easy.

  2. Hassle Free Bids & Estimates - Heat Loads, Comparing of Major Brands, 14 Seer Equipment to 2 Stage Equipment to Inverters ( High Efficiency)

  3. Financing Options, Warranties, Energy Bill Rebates, Fall Promo- for Possible Reimbursement of New System Replacement*

  4. Hassle Free & Efficient Installs By EcoZapp’s InHome Install Teams ( some companies only use sub contractors for labor- be sure to ask)

  5. QA & Long Term Maintenance- Bi Annual Maintenance and Filter Programs

HIgh Efficency 10 SEER TRANE.JPG

Replacement of Old & Leaky Air Conditioning systems

  • We see a lot of Old A/C Systems.. Things we usually find include: High Energy Bills, Mold in Air Ducts, Inefficient Air Flow, Rusted & Inefficient equipment, Improper installs.

  • EcoZapp has made the process of replacing old Home A/C Systems “Fast, Clean & Efficient”


InHome Install & Service Team

SameDay Bids & Estimates to Next Day Installs.

  • We Avoid Traditional ‘Contractor Type Headaches’ for ourselves & the Homeowners we proudly serve. This is why we focus primary on working for only homeowners.

Install Day = Most Important day for your New A/c System

  • Heavy Lifting and Technical Precision are both Required on Hot Texas Summer Days Replacing older R-22 Systems in Attics.

  • Most complete system replacements take our crews less than a single day.

  • Air Duct redesign can greatly improve both Air Flow & Comfort of your Home.