We Believe the home A/C industry is evolving & Homeowners expect an elevated level of service


We Believe in providing Homeowners a “Fast, Clean & Efficient” Air Conditioning Service

We Recruit InHome Techs only Focused on Residential HVAC Services- This helps ensure we recruit the best Techs with years of experience Focusing on Homeowners & Their A/C systems. EcoZapp’s Team is separated from the Traditional Contractors who accept wide varieties of jobs.

We Believe in being “Hassle-Free” to do business with

  • Hassle Free from 1st phone call, to Flawless installs, to years of Bi-Annual Service = Assurance in Purchase.

  • Review & Feedback Driven - We value Feedback due to the fact we work primarily for homeowners and improving homeowner experiences is a common goal.

  • Although our Team provides the service, EcoZapp works with 3 Major Brand Manufactures for Equipment, 3rd party Labor Warranties which cover services longterm, and Financing options to make Improvements & routine services hassle free.

  • We also provide services to HomeAdvisor & Angies List customers in the Greater Houston & College Station Areas.

We Believe in a Sence of Urgency

We Believe in a ‘Sense of Urgency’ because we understand how much A/C situations disrupt life inside your home. Your Time is Valuable & our Techs prep to be Efficient when in the field. We aim to be Johnny On The Spot to Fix your system or Replace old headaches with New Equipment Same Day or Next Day.

  • Each of our Vans can carry 2 Complete Replacements A/C Systems to you to ensure Efficient Delivery from Warehouse to outside your home or inside your Attic.

  • If we can’t Fix if or Repair it on the Spot, we have a Sense & Process of Urgency to Replace with ‘Efficient’ turnaround times.

Flawless Installs

We believe Focus on having Flawless Installs each day is what separates EcoZapp, Flawless installs mean we not only did a great job today, it means our work will also continue to perform well, many years later.